Well… Shit

So… tonight we have a bunch of tweets from Mat Black (@TheMatBlack who has been stragely quiet on the PFA front).. I’ll copy and paste them otherwise I won’t do him justice, and tonight that simply wouldn’t be fair.

1) I’m feeling very bitter today. Yesterday Ben G told me I am no longer a PFA member, due to the fact I live in Las Vegas, and there are..

2) 100’s of people in LA that can do my job, and be there to practice everyday… These are his words! This is stupid because he was the…

3) The guy who hired me in the first place. The inside truth about this band, is they don’t know their ass from their elbow. (Don’t really think that last bit was much of a surprise really…)

4) Also Ben J, is leaving PFA in December. Not sure how bright the future is for the band without him.

5) It’s unfortunately not a joke. I am heartbroken over this. I did nothing wrong, other than live in the wrong city.

He then went on to praise the fans for being awesome and supportive before highlighting a few future projects.  He also said he would do as many interviews as possible.  I’m thinking this is a man of integrity that wants the truth to be known by all.

Let’s just say that the next few days are going to be VERY interesting.

Firstly, Ben G is going to get a hell of a lot of shit… and frankly, he should.  I like the guy I do and I have a lot of time for him, but this is nuts.  Lani will also get a shitload of blame too because let’s face it, there is a not so strange sense of Deja Vu here.  The only difference being is that Mat got the announcement out first before some sort of spin could be put on it.  I believe if Jackson or Jerad had managed to do that, the 100 Monkeys thing would have been VERY different.

On the subject of Jackson… I fucking hope people are seeing him in a new light and realise that most of the blame that had been dumped on his shoulders didn’t belong there.  I hope he is on his way to being vindicated.

Back to Mat.  This is such a shame for a guy who was genuinely a nice guy.  He was a bit of Twitter noob and managed to @ himself all the time, and his ‘British’ accent was messed up, but these were little things that made him… him.

Cynical me believed that he, and the wonderful Mt Rob Coonrod, were “persuaded” to interact with fans on twitter to ingratiate themselves with the fans after being brought n as replacements for the Js.  It worked.  these 2 guys worked their way into our hearts.  They made us laugh, giggle,sometimes cringe at bad jokes and some of us cringed at the mention of snakes.  We supported them and got to know them, and yes,for some of us, PFA were still seen as a 100Monkeys replacement or “tribute” band by some (me included at first).  

I think this plan backfired on Lani… Rob and mat became the standout members of the band. Most in touch with the fans and more willing to speak about things other than shows and the band.  The Bens… kinda faded into the background a little… until the accoustic shows.  But that’s a different story, but most likely the beginning of this one.

I just want to wish Mat all the best for the future and hope he stays in touch with us.  I don’t know what will happen to PFA between now and December, only time will tell.  i just hope that there is no self destruction.

That is something these guys (or this fandom) don’t need right now.

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